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Resonance Lines

Solo debut album on Sono Luminus

Featuring music by Giuseppe Colombi, Kaija Saariaho, Caroline Shaw, Benjamin Britten, and Thomas Kotcheff


“Adventurous, impressive collection of contemporary solo cello music...Collins negotiates with panache the range of exploratory techniques” - Janet Banks, The Strad

“Cellist Hannah Collins’s Resonance Lines is one of the year’s fascinating solo releases… Everything hangs together thanks to Collins’s remarkable virtuosity and musicianship… There’s nothing easy about either of the Saariaho works, though thanks to Collins’s supremely confident and colorful playing, they come off as appealingly as one might hope… All in all, then, a brilliantly played and strongly recorded release on Sono Luminus.” - Jonathan Blumhofer, Arts Fuse


“Collins rises to all the various challenges of the diverse repertoire on this collection, especially those of the “cadenza” which requires everything from virtuosic bombast to the most subtle intimacy.” - David Olds, The Whole Note

"A Fearless, Bristling, Undaunted Solo Album by Cellist Hannah Collins…a treat for fans of low-register sonics, and high-voltage 20th and 21st century works. She doesn’t mess around: her extended technique will give you chills.” - delarue, New York Music Daily

“When these solo classical recitals work, they really work. A deep thinker with a solid connection to cello and the writers that have given it voice, Collins has a focus to match her touch and the end result is a completely engaging session with repertoire that's both from the canon through special commissions.” - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Guide

"The excellent Resonance Lines (Sono Luminus) sees American cellist Hannah Collins performing solo works that unite the ancient and the modern." - John Lewis, The Guardian

“Every performance on the sixty-five-minute release is so engrossing, one quickly loses sight of the fact that the recording is the product of a single person and instrument. No supplemental effects are used, and neither are they needed when Collins is involved. Solo recordings expose the performer most nakedly, but she in no way suffers as a result. One comes away from the release with a heightened appreciation for her as both cellist and collaborator.” - Ron Schepper, Textura

"Her performance is top-notch, with sensitivity and variety that is always appropriate for the style of the music and spot-on interpretations." - Marvin J. Ward, Classical Voice of North Carolina

"Rising Star Cellist Hannah Collins Defines Her Vision for Her Instrument in “Resonance Lines”... an auspicious solo debut album by a skilled and talented artist with a unique and intelligent vision in her choice of repertoire for her instrument." - Allan J. Cronin, New Music Buff

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